IMAG0168by Roger Childs

waikanae-river-5Today we start a new series on something that’s important for everyone. As most of our readers will already be doing some regular exercise, this first article is a short one. Kapiti readers are well aware of the wonderful opportunities which are provided by the cycleways/walkways beside the expressway, along both sides of the Waikanae River and through Queen Elizabeth Park.

Get motivated to get started

If getting to the letterbox and back is your main exercise, you need to be doing more.

Magazines and newspapers run regular articles on the benefits of exercising regularly, but they can be summed up in the phrases: keep moving and you’ll live longer, better.

We are all well aware that not smoking, reducing alcohol intake and eating healthily are important in improving our well being. In the wonder food list these days are red onions, broccoli, raspberries, unsalted nuts, bananas and pomegranate juice! 

IMGP2012Regular exercise is proven to lower the risk of heart and other diseases, help cancer sufferers and increase life expectancy.

Start small and keep going!

If you do little beyond walking about the house, out to the gate and round the shops, get going a bit further. But start with small steps!

 ~ Walk down to the corner or round the block.

 ~ Buy a mountain bike and go for short rides.

 ~ Park your car some distance from the supermarket entrance.

Get into a pattern: for example, exercise every second day and progressively increase what you do. However, don’t start with a 8 km walk or a 10 km bike ride. 

Basically get yourself moving and don’t give up!

(Next time we’ll get on to setting goals.)