PotiYou can see who they are on this KCDC webpage

In Waikanae there are 4 candidates for the council seat as there were in 2016, but only two — Michael Scott, the incumbent, and his prime challenger, Iride McCloy — stood last time.

For the community board there are 8 candidates, only 2 of them incumbents (James Westbury and Jocelyn Prvanov). The challengers are Geoffrey & Margaret Stevenson-Wright, Eric Gregory, who was the Chair over 2015-2016 when he was unseated by voters, plus 3 largely unknowns who have not previously stood for anything.

Incumbent WCB members Jeremy Seamark and Tonci Begovich are not seeking reelection; in Jeremy’s case he is still recovering from a brain aneurysm that afflicted him at the beginning of 2018; and in the latter case it’s disillusionment with the role coupled with the need to build his business.

District-wide there are 3 challengers to Mayor Guru and 14 candidates for the 5 district-wide seats. Sitting Crs Buswell, Cardiff, Elliott and Holborow are trying again. David Scott was a councilor until June when the Appeal Court unseated him, but is trying again.

Cr Cootes in Otaki is also trying again — and will probably be successful: although we have clashed with him on issues, he is hard working.

Cr Benton is trying again in Paraparaumu, but we think has a real contest with the other 3 candidates for the 2 ward seats.

Cr Holborow has vacated the Paekakariki seat to stand district-wide.  Guy Burns, who contested the seat in 2016, is the odds-on favourite this time.

We’ll profile a few newcomers we like over the next few weeks.