NigelNigel Wilson should need no introduction to our regular readers as Kapiti’s three-term Greater Wellington Regional Councilor between 2007 and 2016 and in December 2017 we did a post on him in his role as a local independent news reporter with the KC News website.

He’s someone we quickly appreciated as intelligent, analytical and insightful and we often discuss local matters with him — nearly always we’re on the same page.

Nigel says the next three years for Kapiti are crucial.

“This will be a common refrain, and so it should be. We have the chant going up from the mayor and others that somehow an AA rating from Standard & Poor’s fixes things when in fact the rating does no such thing. The Harvard Business Review is scathing of Standard & Poors and their rating system is deeply flawed.

“All the AA rating means is Standard & Poor’s believe Kapiti ratepayers have deep enough pockets for council to rate them high enough to maintain debt levels. Around $10 million a year goes to paying interest on Council debt and reducing that will be vital.”

Nigel says transparency is vital to turning the council’s unenviable position around.  It’s been said before including by the present mayor in 2016, but secrecy has only gotten worse.

He says he has an honest, hardworking, commonsense approach to the delivery of core services and while Kapiti faces big debt and infrastructure pressures, it needs intelligent leadership and sound, prudent policies.

On the Greater Wellington Council he was a Committee Chair: Greater Wellington Regional Portfolio Leader: Parks, Forestry, Biodiversity; and served as Deputy Chair of the Environment committee and the Finance, Risk and Assurance committee.

He has also served on the Boards of CentrePort Investments, Wellington Rail and the Westpac Stadium.