These are taken from the detailed iteration reports.  “First preference” means the person received a 1 next to their name on the ballot paper, and these are counts of the ‘1’s.

When there are several candidates a complicated mathematical formula is used with second and subsequent preferences to calculate a quota for a candidate to be successful based on the number of available seats.

There has been a lot of discussion in Kapiti about whether STV is better than First Past the Post, used by most councils in the country.  Your editors’ view is that despite the difficulty, on balance it is.

Guru  7830
Compton 5846
Elliott 2696
Halliday 2043

Compton 3577
Buswell 2012
Holborow 1948
Elliott 1933
McCann 1572
Cardiff 1287
Turver 1275
Wilson-Goldman 1232
Wilson 996
Derby 522
Forsdyke 491
Scott D  467
Parry 405
Johnson 355