A new region-wide 30-year growth assessment prepared by the Wellington Region’s five urban district councils was released yesterday, outlining the region’s ability to cater for anticipated business and residential growth to 2047.

housing concentrationAccording to it, the Kapiti Coast can expect an estimated population increase of around 13,000 by 2047 – from the 2017 population of 52,345 to 65,785, in other words a 25% increase, and equates to an estimated 6,000 new dwellings needed over the next 30 years — but will they be bungalows as nearly all are now, or two-story condominium complexes, which would significantly reduce the land area needed for them?

The report is split into parts and you can read them (pdf’s) on this page of the KCDC website.

Much of the need for growth in housing capacity will depend on what immigration policies the central government follows, and the rest on whether there is a continuing trend of population shift from rural to urban.