A week ago, Stewart Hydes wrote the following letter to every New Zealand MP. Carol Sawyer thinks it expresses the feelings of many so asked Stewart for permission to repost it.

“Gidday Member of Parliament,

Yesterday, I spent the day manning a Tent at the Ashburton A&P Show – listening to people, and informing them about the implications of the Arms Legislation Bill. I spoke to many mainly rural men and women – many of whom are not Firearms Licence Holders.

Don’t Shoot the Messenger – An Observation:

It was a real eye-opener to me — how many good, law-abiding, “salt of the earth” people out there appear to have no intention of handing in all of their [now] Prohibited Weapons, in the Gun Buyback. They are not doing so because they want / intend to be lawbreakers. Far from it. Instead, they will hang on to them – in the fervent and they believe legitimate belief that common sense will prevail with the next government – and the law prohibiting them will be revoked. This is especially true for old, historical, collectible and “heirloom” firearms. Once these priceless and irreplaceable firearms are destroyed, they are gone forever. This is also true for many sporting semi-auto’s, as well (some of which have been “in the family” for many decades).

It is an absolute travesty of justice, and the democratic process – knee-jerk reactions by the NZ Parliament of the day have put these good people, in this position.

It appears the New Zealand Parliament and its MPs have been misled in the policy advice they have been given.

I sense these people are resolute – and nothing the government or Police can say will convince them to do otherwise. The government has been unreasonable – and they will reap the consequences.

I urge the New Zealand Government to start being reasonable.

Kind Regards,

Stewart Hydes”

From Wikipedia about the Prohibition:

“While Prohibition did succeed in reducing alcohol consumption, it had two major unintended consequences. First, it contributed greatly to the rise of organized crime. Also, because enforcement was at best spotty, many people flouted the law, leading to a cultural decline in respect for law as such.”


The above photo is from Stewart Hydes, who says:

“It is a picture of a Browning BAR semi-automatic rifle: a classic example of the sort of firearm that should never have been caught in the so-called gun ‘buyback’ net.
In fact, this is the very type of gun purchased in 1969 by a prominent ex-employee (with 45 years service) of the now-defunct Wallaby Board successfully used to double Wallaby tallies previously achieved with bolt-action rifles.

“This type of firearm was manufactured for sporting purposes .. is of no interest to a terrorist / mass-murderer .. and is now wrongly prohibited.

“The analogy I have used is the so-called Gun Buyback is akin to having a Car Buyback that captures priceless Vintage Cars in the net because Vintage Cars might be used as getaway vehicles in a Bank Robbery. I mean, who would use a priceless old Vintage Car as a getaway vehicle?”