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The Police have become overbearing and threatening in their dealings with Licenced Firearms Owners. They have been aided and abetted by an out of control Police Minister, Stuart Nash.

Currently, they are ramming through legislation for a gun register despite the fact that no gun register anywhere in the world has been either

A)  cost-effective.

B)  a useful tool in crime prevention.

On top of that, they have proven that they cannot be trusted with private data after a massive data breach that potentially exposed more than 30,000 LFOs.

Then we have the alarming statistics regarding criminal elements within the Police who are accessing existing databases and selling information to criminals. In a Stuff article this week, we read about a bent copper who spent a year selling database information from Police systems to criminals.

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As we have mentioned before, any improper behaviour you may experience by a Police officer should be the subject of an immediate complaint to the Independent Police Conduct Authority — website   In our experience, most police officers are good, but there is definitely a small minority who are not and the IPCA is keen for these to be weeded out.