Below are media releases from non-profit trusts Flora and Fauna, Aotearoa and Clean Green NZ.

Rategate 4

“Dr Wall of Ideas Lab, a highly-qualified UK scientist of complex chemical analysis, who conducted the independent tests, runs successful international businesses that draw on high quality skills and cutting edge technologies. He initially wanted to remain anonymous due to receiving threats in the past; however his identity has since been made public. Dr Wall also has serious concerns about the inadequate testing for pesticide residues in NZ Government-funded laboratories and is consulting with international colleagues on the issue.”

The original press release and test results are also attached.

Dr. Nick Wall has worked with the DoC-funded Kea Conservation Trust in the past, developing a surface repellent spray mix to deter Kea from attacking sheep or interfering with human belongings:

Ratgate 2

Ratgate 3

Ratgate 4