A message from the council:

NewLooCurrently the single toilet inside the station ticket office is only available between 7 am and 1 pm. The Greater Wellington Regional Council has agreed to jointly fund a new facility with the KCDC.

We’ve been working together with Greater Wellington Regional Council (GWRC) to come up with a plan to improve access to toilets for commuters and town centre users.

One of the physical restraints to its location are available underground services, which limit the potential site to a location adjoining the current toilet. [We understand this means it will be south of the station, not north of it. —Eds]

Above is a picture of the proposed new toilet and GWRC intends to apply for consent by the end of December for the two new unisex toilets (one will be an accessibility toilet).

We’re expecting minimal disruption during installation work and the toilets to be operational by mid next year. The current toilet will also remain in use.

SH1 will soon become a local road and with this the concept is to link the town centre to Waikanae River and to the railway station.  This project will provide public toilet facilities that can serve both the town centre and transport users 24 hours a day and seven days a week.