Anciman Find MeWhy?

Call Me By Your Name was a major book success for Aciman in 2007, but received even greater attention when the Oscar nominated film was released this year.

Essentially a love story of two young men Elio and Oliver meeting, loving and parting, it made an international star of Timothee Chalamet, and is an excellent example of the successful transition from book to screen.

Find Me is the sequel where we meet again Elio’s father Samuel, this time on a short train trip from Florence to Rome where he falls madly in love with feisty Miranda, thirty years his junior. The feelings are reciprocated.

Part two has talented concert pianist, the beautiful Elio, seeing an older man Michel in the interval of a recital and… Yes, you have guessed it, they become instant lovers.

Part three reintroduces Oliver, now married, but still lingering in his love for Elio, and, yes, right again, the two are reunited.

All a bit–

  • “strangers on a train”?
  • cliché  ridden?
  • over the top?

Yes, yes and yes. So cynics of the world, beware. This is not for you.

However, if you are appreciative of lyrical prose, or a believer that true love never dies, this is for you. If you have ever fallen for someone who is older or younger than you, this is for you.

Layers of reflection on my own life kept surfacing as I wiped away the tears, laughed at the problems the lovers encountered, and luxuriated in this love letter to love itself.

So let yourself go — get down to your local bookshop and find this festive and joyous love story, Find Me.

Season’s greetings