1080 death

This is a screenshot from the Worksafe website of its “Fatalities summary table” from deaths at workplaces last year, readable in full here

Regular readers will remember the post we did on the Christchurch Press report last June which said in part:

“A pest control worker is in hospital after being poisoned at a warehouse in Christchurch.

“An investigation has been launched after the Pest Control Research (PCR) worker was poisoned by chemicals at a warehouse in Bromley.

“PCR chief executive Matthew O’Brien​ said it appeared the staff member came into contact with the poisonous substance on Tuesday, May 28.”

Full story

There is much speculation among opponents of eco-poisons that the death reported above is that of this worker, but no further information has been made public.

On 19 December Carol Sawyer wrote:

“We have a poisoned worker at the Bromley warehouse, May 28, 2019, and the issue has gone to ground with no findings to be released for 12 months. We do not know whether he is dead or alive. It was almost certainly 1080 poison as he was processing chemicals for transportation to the PCR Ltd factory in Rolleston that makes 1080 baits. Why else the secrecy?”

If the person who died was not a Bromley worker, then who was it?