by Carol Sawyer

OIA to Worksafe

OIA from Worksafe

OIA from Worksafe 2

If this is the case then there were two people poisoned by 1080 on 28 May 2019 at the Kiwicare Ltd warehouse in Bromley, Christchurch, where, according to news reports, chemicals were being processed for delivery to the main 1080-bait factory, Pest Control Research Ltd, in Rolleston.

On 9 January, 2020, James Harold sent an OIA request to Worksafe (above).

On 14 January, 2020, he rang Worksafe to see if they had received it. They confirmed they had and they sent him the e-mail shown (with his OIA request at the end, which I have not included here as it contains his personal details).

James Harold is adamant that at no time did he mention 1080 poison or the Christchurch (Bromley) poisoning to them.

As James’ OIA request asked about a fatality on the Worksafe fatalities register, and the Worksafe response was to ask James if the Bromley incident was the one he meant (which he has confirmed to them in a reply e-mail), a simple deduction means it appears the Kiwicare Ltd worker died.


record of fatality from the Worksafe Fatalities register


However, we also know that a manager was poisoned and survived — see the screenshot above of a comment made by Sara Leadbetter recently on ‘Ban 1080 — South Island’ Facebook group.

I have since spoken to Sara Leadbetter and she has confirmed her statement. The person still alive is a contractor, not an employee, and is in management at Kiwicare Corporation Ltd. I was told he breathed something in and that was the last thing he remembered. He was in a coma, had organ failure, and nearly died. He is now back at work and is still working for Kiwicare in Christchurch.