Hikers on the Mangaone Track this summer will probably have noticed one sitting on private land there; the reason it has not yet been installed can be put down to inter-governmental bureaucracy.  But things are not far off happening, according to DoC Senior Ranger, Robert Ashe: part of an e-mail is below:

We last week secured (near) sign-off with KCDC for a Memorandum of Understanding which enables us to proceed with more confidence on this project.

The next step is to secure resource consent before we can begin site works to prepare for the toilet/campsite installation. I’m hoping work at the site can begin in May and be ready in time for the next season of Te Araroa through walkers in November 2020.

Please be aware that we may not have the budget to achieve the full concept plan, so will phase aspects of the project, starting with the toilet and street treatment first.

I’ve included a site map in case you haven’t already seen it.

Mangaone South Rd Carpark Landscape R4