BushAccording to this article on the NZ Herald website, in an interview with Mike Hosking on Newstalk ZB, Police Commissioner Mike Bush says his troops will have “a fair idea of whether or not someone was going to the supermarket.”

“We may even have a little drive with you to see where you’re going.”

He had earlier told Newstalk ZB’s Chris Lynch that people shouldn’t drive to the beach or a park for some fresh air once the lockdown starts: people should only go out in their cars to get essential supplies.

Last year we posted a series of articles by Roger Childs on the importance of regular exercise for both physical and mental health and you can’t expect people to do that by just walking around the house and garden.

Your editors intend to find out if a cycle ride to the beach (about 5 km in our case) and back results in being stopped by a member of the Schutzstaffel.  That will be more difficult for them in their squad cars if the cycle paths are used.


This statement from Mark Mitchell MP (National, Rodney) clarifies that you are allowed to walk or cycle to both the beach and parks — in fact with limitations, you can drive there too. So much for Bush’s (typically) addle-brained statements

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