Gill Ward mentioned her in the last update on Poetry to the People, so here is one of her poems which seems approriate for Waikanae:-

When we get back from the beach

When we get back from the beach

with our skirts still tucked in our knickers,

and sand still between our toes,

and our arms undulating like the gulls we became 

as we flew over Kapiti …


When we get back 

we’ll have tales to tell which no-one 

will believe of green and blue sharks, 

and arcs in the sky, and happiness

so high it can never fall down  …


When we get back 

we’ll be telling the truth 

for we’ll know what it was to be North and be South 

and ride on a wave which goes faster than life 

and is filled with love and full of fun … 


When we get back 

and say where we’ve been

and what we have done 

and what we have seen

and rhyme like children in a dream …


the groan-ups will never believe us. 

So why not stay here,

just as we are,

and go back when we glow 

like a Red Giant Star.Peka Peka Beach