Te Papa Motoka 31032020

Te Papa Motoka end March

It would have been hard to believe a month ago that the GWRC Grand Carpark for commuters would shortly look like this.

A week from now, identified “less essential” workers will be able to return to work.  However, it will not be until Level 3 becomes Level 2 that it will be near normality for most people.  That decision gets made prior to the projected change on 11 May says the government.

At that stage it will be a full parking lot again, and not only that, cars parked in every available spot elsewhere.  It was rather ironic that one of the topics that the Waikanae Community Board examined at its 17 March meeting was the major shortage of parking in Waikanae, and one of the next steps was to invite the Chair of the GWRC’s transport committee along to the next meeting where questions can be asked publicly.  That will still happen, but not until Level 2 or perhaps even Level 1 is in effect.