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Akl Demo

Monday’s protest marches run by rent-a-mob have achieved nothing other than to make the Prime Minister look like a complete fool. The first politician to point this out was none other than David Seymour, this country’s number one Opposition MP. He correctly pointed out that the demonstrations in Auckland are an “insult” to every New Zealander who had followed alert level two restrictions, which include a 100 person limit on public gatherings.

I’m the first to support free speech and protest, and to oppose abuse of police power. But this gathering is a slap in the face for every business that has restricted its operations, lost money, and laid off staff to comply with the Govt’s rules. Those rules must be removed now.

— David Seymour (@dbseymour) June 1, 2020

Predictably, a spokesman for Jacinda Ardern declined to comment on the demonstrations. Mustn’t do or say anything to upset your fan base. You could tell it was her fan base just by looking at the pictures. All of them, if asked, would have said what a great job she has done and how her (silly) restrictions have helped. But then, with the combined intelligence of a bed bug, they all completely ignored them. I’m sure they felt that the cause justified disobeying the rules.

So where were Ardern’s compliant Police Force, the boys and girls in blue who have been throwing families of maybe half a dozen off the beaches? Where were they making sure no more than one hundred were in a group? Where were they ensuring social distancing during the protest? If they were in attendance they did sod all.

Monday’s demonstrations have served only to highlight the monumental farce this COVID-19 lockdown has been from the start. It’s been all about control but when control was most needed it was nowhere to be seen. It’s easy to pick on a family relaxing on a beach and to tell them to move along but when it comes to a rent a mob it appears doing nothing is the better part of valour.

This whole thing has been a sick joke (if you’ll pardon the pun). The demonstrations have made Ardern, Bloomfield and the other participants in the charade look like complete idiots. The Prime Minister should have been on the six o’clock news announcing the immediate cancellation of all levels and rules. At the very least we all now know that her control-freak rules can be ignored, particularly those about social distancing. Restaurants and public transport should all immediately return to pre-Covid operations.

Anything else is unacceptable. Rent-a-mob have burst the PM’s control bubble well and truly and now there is no putting the poo back in the donkey.