Sqiggle steps

According to the Deputy Mayor, this is supposed to be a tohora (whale), but to several of those who have seen this newly unveiled installation in Te Uruhi/Maclean Park of Paraparaumu Beach, it simply looks like a set of squiggly steps.

There’s nothing wrong with a concrete decoration of this nature — except for two things:

1. The purported cost of $145,000

2. The creator wasn’t a local, but Bay of Plenty artist Kareama Taepa.

This sculpture is supposed to symbolise “The journey of whales and other travellers through the Te Rau o te Rangi waters — the strait between Kapiti Island and the mainland” and apparently reflects “the history and prehistory of Te Uruhi/Maclean Park and the local waters and will be a wonderful asset not just for Kapiti but New Zealand.”

Further comment seems superfluous.