In her weekly column in the Kapiti News of 19 August, the current holder of the Kapiti seat on the Greater Wellington Regional Council, Penny Gaylor, chose to add her dagger attack on Waikanae Watch co-editor Geoffrey to that of Cr Prvanov:

“My support [for Prvanov’s motion] was based on my experience that as an elected community representative I too was the target of published content on his website. I applaud and appreciate those that have stood up against the abuse.”

Firstly, Councillor, this website does not tolerate abuse and that is made clear in the ‘About’ page. Criticism is another matter.

Secondly, why did you say nothing about the actual abuse by Cr Prvanov’s predecessor e-mailed to a ratepayer in 2016?

You don’t mention in your column your relentless denigration of Cr Rob McCann to anyone who cares to listen because he called you out over your hypocrisy. You don’t mention your being expelled from the Labour Party.

You also don’t mention that complaints about your behaviour made by readers of our online magazine go back some 5 years.  Here is a typical example:

Basically, if people don’t do anything to justify criticism they will not be criticised; but in our view you are one of those who have deserved it. 

On the other hand, we also like to praise those who deserve praise.  Usually in both cases it has to do with issues: thoughtful analysis, insight and recognition of all implications that are given to them — or the lack of it. 

We have no time for politicians who are only out to advance their own interests — ego trippers, pretenders and narcissists who betray the trust of those who elected them.

Lastly, congratulations of sorts are due for actually attending a Community Board meeting for the first time since you were elected in 2016 in contrast to your predecessor Nigel Wilson, who regularly attended them and still does.