The inspirational Jerry Mateparae

by Ken Millward

I can’t help but look with incredulity at the voracious greed displayed by many of our so called Iwi and Maori leaders in their grab for funds, privileges and power. Emboldened by a corrupt political system in which race-based seats allow them to dictate the shape of Government, these people in their separatist drive for so-called self-determination care only for themselves and their so called ‘our people’ and to hell with the rest of the country.

By way of devious and pretty dishonest twisting of that very simple document, The Treaty, Maori have among many other things been granted exclusive rights to a chunk of the electromagnetic spectrum, a fair chunk of the fishing quota, a huge area of previously public owned forestry along with numerous other bits and pieces of formally public property. Maori also of course additionally receive the same general entitlement to resources as everyone else.

Among the many resources currently being grabbed at is the entire coast line and sea bed out to 12 nautical miles [about 22 km] including any under-laying minerals. Also up for claim is a fair chunk of the health budget exclusively for Maori along with all areas of Government spending in Social Services, Education and Justice just to name a few.

This of course would not preclude Maori from having full access to all of the remaining funds directed at the rest of the populace.

The one grab that really gets to me is their ownership claim for fresh water which our current bunny Government would have granted if it weren’t for New Zealand First. Fresh water! that substance manufactured and transported by the sun (probably from the territorial seas of other Nations) as part of the very air we breath before being delivered by gravity after which it makes it’s way back into the sea and the atmosphere in a continuing natural cycle. When you read the nonsense justification for Maori ownership put out by the Waitangi Commission, one would have to be wilfully deaf and blind to not conclude the Commission is a nepotist, corrupt, kangaroo court. Fresh water is the collective birth right of every Kiwi regardless of race and is owned by no-one!

The inspirational Nicole McKee, spokesperson for the Council of Licensed Firearm Owners and now ACT MP, was named 2020 Communicator of the Year for the way she presented her members’ case on the contentious issue of firearms law.

As a fifth generation Kiwi I fail to understand why my first cousin (intelligent, articulate and hard working woman that she is) and her children should have greater political rights and privileges under the RMA, substantial extra privileges under The Education Act, The Zero Carbon Bill, Government and Local Body employment policy just to name a few, on the basis of her one eighth Maori DNA. The list of special opportunity and privilege available only to Kiwi’s who identify as Maori is huge and too large to list here.

One has to admit that these so called Iwi and Maori leaders have been highly successful in manipulating a corrupted political system where incumbent Political Parties are more than happy to sell their own Grandmothers in order to retain the levers of power. The only two who appear not to have succumbed to these particular frauds on the general citizenship, present and future have been ACT and New Zealand First.

You also can’t help but notice that almost without exception the most Greedy Iwi leaders are ensconced in comfortable privileged well paid taxpayer funded positions. These fat cats justify their continual claims for more special privilege by crying victim hood and blaming the poor social statistics of lower socio economic Maori on the supposed evils of colonisation. The very colonisation which made New Zealand a first world county and put the complaining fat cats into their comfortable situations.

There is no doubt that past Colonial Governments, permitted by the values of the day, did in many instances treat Maori unfairly and badly. Even so unsavoury actions of these Colonial Governments have been greatly exaggerated to the point of out right lies such as in the case of Parihaka and the earlier Rangiaowhia affair. These lies and gross distortions of the truth seemingly accepted without question by any number of halfwits who haunt the halls of academia, Politicians and of course the Waitangi Commission. I
could probably make a pretty good case that my own Irish/Scottish forbears were around the same time treated even worse which is simply a fact of history and is in the past.

I find it ironic when I consider the fat cat claims that all of the failures among lower socio economic Maori are exclusively the fault of Colonisation, so called systemic racism, and Pakeha generally. Nowhere do you hear them urging the people they claim to speak for to adopt the first world ethics, value of education, and health awareness required to take full advantage of the first world county we have collectively created.

Instead our so-called Iwi leaders claim that ‘our people’ can’t adopt these ethics and values as they are Pakeha ethics and fail to take into account the Maori world view. This despite the fact that the fat cats themselves have adopted first world ethics in spades which explains their own success. They also fail to explain how these Pakeha ethics are the same ethics strongly displayed in first world countries such as Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Iceland, etc.

New Zealand has some truly inspirational Maori Leaders, among them that truly great kiwi: Sir Jerry Mateparae, love him or loath him, Winston Peters and for that matter Ron Marks, Mavis Mullins, Buck Shelford the list is endless with most of these leaders coming from humble backgrounds. The one thing they have in common you never hear them claim they have been held back or disadvantaged through being Maori.

Finally, yes I am old white stale male and no doubt will be labelled a rabid racist by the outraged liberals who find it more convenient to name call and attempt to intimidate than debate the obvious facts. I actually don’t subscribe to any racist thoughts or theories and like many people of my age with only basic education have had to overcome my own feelings of inadequacy to ensure my family received the benefits of our health and education systems.

The reason I choose to speak out on this matter is it is obvious that the separatist and privilege creating path we are currently on is simply inviting disaster for generations of the future. I find it saddening when despite huge opportunity I hear young Maori who have no work ethic, little education, little aspiration and little future prospects claim that they are owed a living because those white motherf…..s have stolen everything from them. The Greens, Labour and National have all been to varying degrees complicit in this state of affairs.