In the evenings it can provide an attractive reflection of sunset skies, but during the day it looks polluted and unappealing. The problem for KCDC is that it is right next to where they want to build their Guru Gateway.

Karl Webber of the local iwi tells us:

“Yeah it’s been polluted for years, I’ve hit the Council / Paraparaumu Community Board up to move the sign to the beach to stop the multitude of people and kids who swim and play in it… [the Council] can’t look after what they already have, aye, why let them have a flash new building, and why does it take a flash new building for KCDC to look after the stream; it should be restored regardless. The beach accesses are terrible and the two monuments there haven’t been cleaned or looked after for years: one re the epic swim of Hinepoupou to d’Urville island and the other to Captain ‘Val’ Sanderson, the founder of Forest and Bird and instrumental in getting Kapiti Island designated a sanctuary.

“I think there’s sewerage overflow into the Tikotu sometimes, I dunno how that works, it’s disgusting in many parts as you travel along it. One day, we will see all our streams restored hopefully. The biggest attraction/asset we have here is our beach and the waterways and accessways need to be sorted out.”