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The Government has been under scrutiny for its use of Parliamentary urgency, and given the power afforded to Labour by its single-party majority, there are legitimate concerns about this emergency approach becoming the ‘new normal’.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t legitimate reasons for going into urgency, as long as the necessary checks and accepted norms are followed.

Careful process, open scrutiny by Parliament, public consultation and investigation through the select committee process cumulatively make for good lawmaking.

This process is supposed to ensure proposed legislation is stress tested, and that there aren’t any unintended consequences.

It is also supposed to instill public confidence and allow for engagement and consultation, especially by those who could be affected by the legislation.

So when that process is circumvented or rushed, there is understandable concern.

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Although Dear Leader has a photo of Mickey Savage, the first Labour Prime Minister, prominent in her Beehive room, she seems to take National Party PM Robert Muldoon’s behaviour — the hitherto most authoritarian PM that NZ has seen — as a role model. –Eds