Or for that matter, in NZ? The subject arises because this month American Democratic politicians argued for an increase in the national minimum wage in the U.S., and many social media users pointed out that McDonald’s employees in Denmark already make about $US 21 an hour, $6 above the U.S. proposed minimum. So does that mean Danes also pay more for a Big Mac than Americans? Apparently, the answer is no: according to this article it’s DKK 30 ($US 4.82) at one outlet in Copenhagen, the same as at one in Tulsa, Okalahoma.

The problem with making comparisons like this is that in America the price varies a lot from state to state — according to this website which tracks most fast food prices around America, a Big Mac varies from $3.91 in Mississippi to $5.23 in New York. It probably varies in Denmark too.

In NZ? It seems the current price is about $NZ 6.60 which converts to $US 4.75 at present, all reasonably equivalent. But those wage rates in Denmark — wow!