Dear  Judith

It is good that National, at least to some extent, is at last starting to challenge Labour in the areas of special treatment for those with even a smidgen of Maori genetic inheritance. It’s taken far too many years for National to get around to this.

The timing is right, though. The general public has had enough.

However, you are quite wrong to have decided to preserve the anachronistic Maori seats.

In fact it is not only inconsistent: it is also very foolish  of you, because if one can differentiate in one area, one can differentiate in others.  And your stance on the issue of Maori seats is then seen as illogical — which it is.

You know very well that the Maori seats are racist. You must also be aware that they are completely unnecessary because all the parties have MPs of part-Maori descent. There is no question whatever of those of Maori descent not being represented in Parliament. They are right across the spectrum of political belief.

It’s obvious that you must know this. So what is your point?

It is not making you look good, and you really should be challenged from within your own party — even  publicly so, if you are unable to rethink your stance.

It is also time to challenge those — including the media, who are always keen to stir the pot — in order to fight back against those who claim National MPs disputing issues among themselves is a no-no.

There is little more dangerous than a party which is held too tightly in the grip of party policy, dominated by one determined individual, so that its MPs simply toe the line and don’t act according to their individual consciences.

In any democracy, it is far healthier for issues to be debated and contested vigorously within the party itself. After all, the party leader is basically the chairman — no more — and the majority should decide.

If they realise they got it wrong the first time, then they can rethink it and act accordingly.

And ridiculously — a point you never raise — what is a rational assessment of who is genuinely Maori?

Anyone with less than 50% of Maori genetic inheritance obviously isn’t — and most of today’s activism is being promoted by those who overwhelmingly are not Maori. This point should be hammered home, because what is happening is a huge con trick.
Why isn’t National saying this?  It is letting down the majority of part-Maori in New Zealand who do not support this self-serving radical extremism of a very small minority.


Amy Brooke

(Amy Brooke is a children’s author, her website