Thursday afternoons at the Cameo drop-in centre in Mahara Lane is devoted to playing music and locals show up to jam. There is a long song list that regular participants have (with chord sheets) but there is nothing fixed or routine about any of it. Most songs are in the classic pop/folk/soft rock category. In the photo can be seen 3 accoustic guitar players, an electric bassist and an electric guitarist.

One of the accoustic guitars visible is a harp guitar, the latest aquististion of Rick Swann. He says it was the only one available in a music shop in New Zealand. It’s certainly very rare. As well as a standard tuned guitar on the lower level, there is a six-string bass as the upper level, without a fretboard so you normally just play the open strings. To play both levels at the same time, you really need a thumb pick for the bass.

It doesn’t have electric pick-ups although that adaptation can be done. The upper body curve reminds one of a dolphin. The upper sound hole also provides the capacity when the guitar is inverted for some mouth ‘woodwind’ effects. For some impressive playing of these guitars, go to and search for Jamie Dupuis.