This isn’t a topic that would generate more than passing interest, but for the stated intention last year by Andrew Little and Dear Leader of banning criticism of religions. One can safely infer that what they really intend is banning criticism of Islam, given the propensity that a small but significant percentage of its adherents have for indulging in terrorism. There is no other religion today that has people routinely plotting/committing acts of terrorism in its name.

Karl du Fresne addressed this topic well in a post entitled We need to talk about Islam in November 2019 in which, as always, he makes good points.

According to this webpage where the above map comes from, the top ten least religious countries today are:

  1. China (7% feel religious)
  2. Japan (13% feel religious)
  3. Estonia (16% feel religious)
  4. Sweden (19% feel religious)
  5. Norway (21% feel religious)
  6. Czech Republic (23% feel religious)
  7. Hong Kong (26% feel religious)
  8. Netherlands (26% feel religious)
  9. Israel (30% feel religious)
  10. United Kingdom (30% feel religious)

Communism has officially been atheistic so it’s no surprise there aren’t many religiously inclined in China which is a one party communist state, even if there is a lot of raw capitalism and little welfare there. The appearance of Israel in position 9 might be a surprise given its history of turmoil, however, the conflict has been primarily based on race and land entitlements rather than Judaism versus Islam.

In New Zealand two thirds of people consider religion unimportant in daily life and one third consider it important. The figures for Australia are almost the same.