by Geoffrey Churchman

In my opinion Billy T. James was NZ’s greatest ever comedian and all-round entertainer, and his TV show from the late 1980s was wildly popular. This sketch was one of my favorites. But after seeing the ferocity with which activist Lee Williams was attacked by the Extreme Left over his spoof of a certain Maori Party MP, it made me wonder if the (albeit more moderate) PC Brigade which developed would have claimed “racist!” about this today?

As Who vocalist Roger Daltrey commented recently (see post) the Wokeists are creating a dull, miserable society in which those who scream “I’m offended” get headline treatment in the Legacy Media — and more disconcertingly, then embark upon vendettas against that person by agressively lobbying family, employers, making false claims to authorities, and so on.

The Wokeists are a blight on society and should be disregarded. Unfortunately the ‘hate speech’ notions of Jacinda & Co. are set to make things a whole lot worse.