Saturday 10 July 2021 – hundreds attend a sold-out event in Auckland featuring five courageous New Zealand Medical professionals from NZDSOS [NZ Doctors Speaking Out With Science]. 

More events are happening up and down the country. Contact your local group for details.    

We’ve been flat out here at Voices for Freedom, so we’re not mincing our words this week.  

There are 3 things we know for sure:  

1. The media, politicians and bureaucrats are bought and sold. We see the game they’re playing. We’re calling them out and holding them to account. The full extent of their conflicts and lack of real science will be exposed.  

2. The Pfizer “vaccine” is not a vaccine. It is more accurately referred to as gene therapy — a harmful experiment causing significant injury.  

3. The way out of this mess and tyranny is people power.  When the people stand up and speak out, this ends.    

Get in touch with your local group and find out how you can contribute. 

We are all past the point of sitting quietly and hoping for the best. 

Here are 3 things YOU can DO to make a real difference today:  

1.   Buy a t-shirt, sweatshirt, or bag. The more “walking billboards” we have the more other Kiwis can see they’re not alone. Flood the streets, supermarkets, and sidelines at sports games.  

2.  Get in touch with your local group, make connections, and find out how you can help. There are new flyers to deliver, regular pop-up events, surveys, and silent protests happening up and down the country. If you’re nervous about holding a sign, head along to lend your support from the sidelines in plain clothes as an “interested passerby!  

3. Donate to Voices for Freedom to support our initiatives, such as our Doctors’ Tours, printed material, and street campaigns. Every bit counts, and we need your help.      

The Voices for Freedom bitchute channel page, which contains an archive of many Zoom interviews with Doctors and Professors of Medicine in other countries is here