from the FACT CHECK: fake news and our lying media website

The left-wing blog site newsroom has just received another $50,000 of taxpayer funding from Jacinda Ardern even though newsroom has had numerous complaints laid against it to the Broadcasting Standards Authority, including a complaint that one of its journalists was linked to the suicide of a young Auckland man, Jesse Anderson.

Marc Daalder is a far-left extremist who writes for the Tim Murphy-and-Mark Jennings-run newsroom. The blog site states on Mr Daalder’s profile that he writes about people who he perceives to be far-right. The far-right happens to be anyone who disagrees with Mr Daalder’s far-left view of the world and in 2019 this led to the persecution of a young Auckland man, Jesse Anderson who tragically took his own life.

Mr Daalder, an immigrant to New Zealand who calls himself a journalist, took exception to Mr Anderson after he spoke out against Jacinda Ardern signing the UN Migration pact in the face of the greatest housing crisis in New Zealand history.

Jacinda Ardern along with John Key, has created the greatest number of homeless Kiwis in history. It’s a multi-billion dollar problem that Ardern has no money to fix.

Daalder wrote an article in another far-left blog site, The Spinoff, where he made a number of unfounded allegations that were again the subject of complaints to the BSA. Mr Anderson shortly after took his own life.

Tim Murphy the editor of newsroom was unavailable for comment when contacted regarding the article on Mr Anderson.

Newsroom appears to be uninterested, and in fact, allows Mr Daalder to pick out people whose view of the world he dislikes and use the newsroom platform to attack them.

It also appears (somewhat unsurprisingly) that the Jacinda Ardern led Labour party has no issue with newsroom picking out people who have a different opinion and using the government-funded platform to defame them.

One of the targets of Marc Daalder’s vitriol was MAGA Mike who, Daalder claims, is a “white supremacist” despite having an Asian wife and mixed race children.