Rather ironically, just short of the 20th anniversary of 9/11 the Taliban, the fundamentalist fireband Islamist group (funded by Saudi Arabia) is back in charge of Afghanistan. although it doesn’t seem to be as technophobic as it was prior to that time — the terrorist supporting group’s leader Mullah Baradar announced victory on his Twitter account!

It will be remembered that the pre-9/11 Taliban didn’t believe in any technology that didn’t exist at the time of Mohammed — except for vehicles and weaponry of course. It will also be remembered that Twitter decided US President Donald Trump was unsuitable to have a Twitter account — but leaders of terrorist groups are clearly no problem.

And while the Dear Leader of Aotearoa, oops, New Zealand, is quite happy to have an ISIS terrorist coming to the country, she’s not so keen on translators who worked for NZ servicepeople in Kabul. As one of our readers, Roger Dewhurst, says: “The lives of these men and their families are at risk.  We owe them. ‘Talking to our allies’ cuts no ice whatever.”

Here in Waikanae, Tim Costley, last year’s National Party parliamentary candidate, served in Afghanistan and some of his buddies were killed or wounded. He must be feeling sad.

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