Contrary to the impression given by the Legacy Media and certain extremists, there are plenty of tangata whenua who have no time for the Jacinda government and particularly its Apartheid plans. We desperately need unity, equality and fraternity — this government’s nefarious intentions to the contrary must be opposed.

The description:

“Hey guys, I made this group recently. It is for Māori New Zealanders that do not agree with the separatist racial agenda of the Labour Party. As someone of Māori ancestry myself I do not believe that the majority of Maori believe the things being promoted by this government. Things such as all Pakeha are inherently racist, all Maori are oppressed, or that New Zealand should have two governments divided by race. If you are of Maori descent and agree with me then please join and help promote this group. At present there is no voice for Maori that oppose the government narrative and I want to change that. This is where we can start.”

Kia aumārire Whānau