Satirical image from the BFD.

From an article on the Newshub website:

“A Taliban representative has heaped praise on New Zealand after the Government gave $3 million in aid to organisations assisting the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan. 

“Abdul Qahar Balkhi from the Taliban’s Cultural Commission spoke to Al Jazeera’s Charlotte Bellis – a Kiwi – about New Zealand’s humanitarian profile, during the first sit-down interview with the militant group since it took back control of Afghanistan. 

“I’ve recently witnessed reports that New Zealand has announced a $3 million aid, humanitarian aid, to the Afghans in this time of crisis, and we thank the generous offer of New Zealand in this time of crisis and time of need for our people, most of whom are living below the poverty line,” the Taliban representative said. “

The slight little problem for Jacinda’s disciples who are the obvious target of this latest “Look how kind I am” gesture (at Taxpayers’ expense) is that the Taliban is a rich organisation already.

On the NZ Herald website under the heading “Where the Taliban gets its money and weapons from”

The Taliban has a $2.3 billion war chest to fund its fight in Afghanistan, with millions coming in from drugs, donations and real estate.

Now the Taliban has taken over the country, there is a chance the group are going to end up with a lot more money too via a partnership with China, said Charles Miller, senior lecturer in international relations at the Australian National University.

Mining iron ore, marble, copper, gold, zinc and other metals and rare-earth minerals in mountainous Afghanistan earns the Taliban an estimated $481 million, according to Nato figures, as companies pay up so the militant group allows them to keep operating.

For the end of the March 2020 financial year, aside from mining, it raked in $600m from the opium trade.

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No doubt the NZ Herald article is the sort of thing Dear Leader and her minions are keen to see disappear from view, on NZ-based websites at least, and if they don’t, it will be labelled as “Disinformation” by her department.