It was an event that anyone over 30 will remember clearly and today the repercussions of the hijackings of 4 American airliners which were deliberately crashed by Muslim terrorists into the World Trade Center in NYC, the Pentagon, and one into a field in Pennsylvania (after the passengers realised what was going on and overpowered the hijackers) causing the deaths of over 3,000 are still with us. It resulted in big increases in airline security and general awareness of the dangers of Islamic extremists.

These are a few of the many memorials to victims that were created. More are on this webpage.

The site of the Twin Towers, New York.
Memoria e Luce, Padua, Italy
The 9-11 Firefighters’ Memorial in Christchurch using deformed steel from the World Trade Center; left to right: the Christchurch Mayor in 2011, Bob Parker, then U.S. Ambassador Huebner, Dan Coward (Area Commander), and Station Officer Murray Jamison.  (U.S. Embassy photo)