Hate Speech campaign: Ministerial meeting denied 🙅

The Free Speech Union facilitated more submissions on the hate speech proposals than any other departmental public submission process previously undertaken in New Zealand. More than 17,000 submissions (about 80% of all submissions) were made by Free Speech Union supporters through our  “Free Speech Submission” website.

Given our role, you’d think we would be well placed to sit down with the team at the Ministry of Justice to talk through concerns about the proposed laws. But you’d be wrong.

We’ve been corresponding with Minister Faafoi’s staff, asking for just that. But after months of stalling, it seems it’s only “appropriate” to meet with those who want to curb our rights to speech:

Kris Faafoi's letter

Thanks for the ‘consultation’, Minister!

If Ministers and officials won’t meet with those who favour speech over censorship, we have no option but to speak to them through the media, and our tens of thousands of supporters demanding the MPs’ attention.

If you agree the hate speech proposals are a serious threat, chip in to the fight against the anti-speech laws.  

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The next stage for the Hate Speech laws is Minister Faafoi taking a report to Cabinet based on the “feedback” and pending Cabinet’s approval the law will be drafted. Watch this space.

Thank you for your support. 

Jordan Williams
General Secretary
Free Speech Union