by Geoffrey and Eva Churchman

Our first question deals with the consequences of the experimental Pfizer substance, which the Jacinda government has managed to persuade most of the population to be injected with. The answer states that the reporters of the serious events stated in 269 cases the person had been hospitalised because of it. This was up to 12 September at which date the total number of serious events reported stood at 666 — an updated figure as at 2 October was 929, a 40% increase. It’s a reasonable assumption that the number of hospitalisations had increased by the same percentage, thus a total of 375 and that was three weeks ago.

The figure of 375+ hospitalisations because of the Pfizer concoction is much higher than those hospitalised so far with covid (note the important distinction with and not from).

Next we wanted to know how many of those hospitalized with covid-delta since the outbreak in mid-August in Auckland had underlying conditions — the total stated in the table in the response basically says all of them.

Although the MoH states it does not collect the data, it would not surprise us if those hospitalised were also obese, and that some were smokers.

Yet apart from a 91-year-old and a 55 year-old, all managed to recover regardless! So how deadly is Delta? Short answer — it’s not.

Do Jacinda-idolizers Jessica and Tova ever bother to ask Dear Leader or Bloomfield these questions? The Stuffers and NZME people don’t either. It simply demonstrates yet again how complicit the government-paid Legacy Media are in promoting government propaganda, and how they should simply be described as propagandists, not journalists.