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Ardern Determined to Win a Race That Most Countries Have Already Finished

There comes a point at which even the most fervent Ardernista must start to wonder what is going on. That day was Friday 22 October, the start of the holiday weekend, when Jacinda Ardern dashed the hopes of all New Zealanders, except her crew of naysaying health ‘experts’: Wiles, Hendy and Baker. Demanding a rate of 90% vaccinations from all DHBs is an impossible ask. Some may meet the target, but some won’t. That means that everyone is being held to ransom by those who do not want to get the jab. But the worst thing is that those who obediently went off for their vaccinations, meekly succumbing to the word of our Dear Leader, believing that this would be the road to freedom, now see the truth. There is now no way out of this.

There never was.

This is a race to the bottom. Let us assume, for the moment, that vaccines are the panacea that this government believes them to be. But the Pfizer vaccine is only effective for about 6 months. This means that, just as her target is reached (or not, as the case may be), many people will fall into the category of needing to be revaccinated. Has the government ordered booster shots? I can’t get a definitive answer to that question, which almost certainly means no. So the clean cool vaccinated dudes are going to become the pox-ridden unwashed very soon: as soon as next month, for those who were jabbed early.

What happens then?

This is what happens. —

Do you see what I mean? At least the UK never closed its borders, but gave up on lockdowns in July and only has 67% vaccinated. You can go on holiday to Portugal if you live in the UK. We can’t even go to Auckland, and Aucklanders can’t leave.

I am no conspiracy theorist. I don’t believe the vaccine is full of microchips, or that Jacinda is trying to make us all conform to the New World Order. I honestly don’t think she has the skills for anything quite so dramatic, but I think the whole matter has become personal for her. The world media sang her praises for being the leader who ‘beat’ COVID, even if we did have to turn New Zealand into a smug little hermit kingdom to do it. She enjoyed that, but locking down the entire country for one case caused the world media to treat her with complete derision. She didn’t like that one bit. Now she wants to be ‘world leading’ again. We hear that phrase every time she steps up onto the Podium of Truth. She wants to hear again the praise of the world media as she hits a target that no other country has achieved: a vaccination rate of 90%.

It won’t happen, of course.

But even if it did, the anti-vaxxers would soon be joined by the expired vaxxers, and the whole tedious process would start over. It would never end.

Instead, she will be famous as the most divisive prime minister the country has ever had: dividing the country along racial lines, and now turning the vaccinated against the unvaccinated, since clearly they are now to blame for our endless lack of freedoms. This causes divisions between family members, workmates, friends and associates. It is already happening.

I was chatting to someone the other day who chooses not to be vaccinated. That is her right, by the way, according to the Bill of Rights, which is still a part of our legal framework… at the moment anyway. She is being accused of killing her elderly father by other family members. Please note that the elderly father is not actually dead, but now she feels she can’t visit him because if he dies, even though he is vaccinated himself, somehow, it will all be her fault. This madness has to stop, but welcome to the dystopian world that we now live in.

The Artist. Cartoon credit SonovaMin. The BFD.

There is a distant light in a very long tunnel though. Many people will just go along with her instructions – again – but more and more are starting to ask questions about the wisdom of the government’s approach. Many people will not want to fall out with family members, friends or associates. There are already court cases in the pipeline challenging vaccine mandates. If Jacinda fails on this target, her political career will be in tatters. Either she will resign – probably complete with a tumultuous tantrum – or she will lose the next election by a large margin. It is hard to imagine right now, but every extra day of this madness is an extra day for people to come to their senses. Slowly and surely, that is happening.

Ball and Chain. Cartoon credit SonovaMin. The BFD.

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The time has come for this nonsense to end: NZ should follow Denmark, Sweden and Norway by abolishing all restrictions. —Eds