by Geoffrey and Eva Churchman

Over the past several months we’ve tried to balance Jacinda government and its Legacy Media misinformation on the Pfizer substance (it can not be called a vaccine) which has deliberately avoided mentioning the risks in the soft and hard-sell campaign on behalf of Pfizer. We’ve pointed out that in America, pharmaceutical companies that market prescription drugs direct to end-users are required to mention clearly the side effects and contra-indications — but there is no such requirement in NZ, something which this government and its bought and paid Media companies have exploited.

If people want to give informed consent to being injected with this substance, knowing the risks and its lack of efficacy, then that should be their choice.

But — punishment for not subjecting oneself to a medical treatment in the form of shaming, job loss, accommodation loss and services loss is something else, and it is totally unacceptable. NZ’s Bill of Rights says so. NZ’s Human Rights Commission says so. Even notable economic and cultural Marxist John Minto says so — see this article on the BFD.

“The assumption that those who are vaccinated are somehow “safe” while those unvaccinated are somehow “unsafe” is unhelpful, unscientific and is being quite calculatedly being enforced by social bullying […] it’s frenzied harassment by the state.” –John Minto

Jacinda’s Dr Bloomfield says that only about 4% of those hospitalised were “vaccinated” but he omits to mention all those hospitalised had serious pre-existing conditions — and he also omits to mention the obvious that every case except 2 has recovered.

This is insidious propaganda and the Jacinda government is committing crimes against humanity.