Late last Friday night while people were watching fireworks, Dear Leader and Hipkins slipped through drastic restrictions to their exemptions to their jab mandate.

Says Voices for Freedom: 2. The new clause 7A has been revoked in its entirety meaning that all individual exemptions have been revoked. In a nutshell, the exemption you may have obtained (legitimately) this past week will no longer be valid. However, file it safely, watch the above webinar and prioritise this Tuesday’s webinar (as it is much easier to explain on video) AND PLEASE READ THROUGH OUR NOTES which break down the changes. We will endeavour to do a short form video tomorrow to share; 


Under Clause 9B of COVID-19 Public Health Response (required testing) Order 2020

ONLY the Director-General (Bloomfield) can grant vaccination exemption certificates.

Your own Doctor, who knows your medical history, cannot do it.

The conditions are very limited and the process is complicated.

The exemption lasts a maximum of 6 months, then a new one must be applied for.

From Minister Hipkins to clarify the criteria for an exemption: Medical Exemption only applies for a very small number of people in New Zealand. These will be: Those who experienced severe reaction to first doses of the Pfizer vaccine – definition of severe will be specified but will require medical evidence of a scientifically valid nature

Those with proven severe allergy to poly-ethylene glycol

Those patients within a defined timespan about to undergo a solid organ transplant – for example a live-donor kidney.

Note, #1 and #2 only apply to the Pfizer so any exemption would not apply to alternative vaccines once these become available. It is estimated the numbers in #1 and #2 in the country amount to probably no more than 100 people, even smaller for #2.