Three Waters: We take to the skies in Wellington, and grill the MinisterPlane and banner

Ministers and bureaucrats got a fright when they looked up yesterday. We organised for a Taxpayers’ Union supporter to fly a “Stop Three Waters” banner across the city and over the Beehive.Banner over Beehive

This came the day after Nanaia Mahuta fronted up to us for a podcast interview, fielding a volley of questions submitted by Taxpayers’ Union supporters.

Click here to listen to the full interview.

Here’s the key takeaway from the interview:We asked Mahuta very clearly whether Three Waters would result in the introduction of water royalties (i.e. payments to iwi for the right to use water). Mahuta ducked, dived, and ran up our limited interview time with standard talking points, but ultimately failed to rule out introducing water royalties.

Our petition against Three Waters has now reached 81,000 signatures. We’re running ads against Three Waters on TV, radio, Facebook, and Youtube. And we commissioned a poll revealing that 56% of New Zealanders oppose the reforms, versus just 19% in support.

If you’ve not already, please take a moment to “share” our Say No to Three Waters television ad on Facebook.

The fact Nanaia Mahuta even agreed to the interview demonstrates that the Beehive is feeling the pain from this campaign. They know our Three Waters effort is resonating with New Zealanders, so that’s why we’re doubling down.

We’re planning to put even more pressure on the Prime Minister to overrule Nanaia Mahuta so long as our supporters ensure we have the campaign funds available. If you’ve not yet chipped in, our crowd-funded campaign hasn’t finished. Every dollar donated on this page will be used to fight Three Waters.

The next big economic problem for taxpayers

Inflation is becoming a real problem. Stats NZ has confirmed that prices have lifted 4.9% in the last year. Inflation meme
Rising inflation is an indictment on the Government’s print, borrow, and spend economic strategy. But it’s great for the Government’s coffers – inflation pushes our wages up into higher tax brackets even when we’re no better off in real terms.So far, the Government has refused to adjust tax thresholds to reflect the effect of inflation, even though it happily adjusts Super and benefits annually.80%

Already, due to inflation, the average worker is paying a marginal tax rate of 30%. Soon that will be 33%.