Why aren’t we talking about family carers?

I’ve spoken to my contacts within the mainstream media, and none are motivated to run a story on the horrific situation relating to family carers.

Mothers are being told that they will not receive payment to care for their disabled children, unless they are ‘vaccinated’.

Brothers can’t care for their disabled sisters. Wives can’t care for their disabled husbands. Family friends can’t care for their disabled loved ones. Without being vaccinated.

This isn’t about preventing and limiting the risk of the outbreak or spread of Cv.

These carers won’t cease spending time with their loved ones, after they are stripped of their funding. This is about coercion and punishment. My heart bleeds.

This is where I draw the line, and while we near “D-Day”, I am releasing a template letter for family carers (and family nominated carers) to provide to their employers.

Please share this as wide as you can. There isn’t much time left, and with ACC and MoH advising that family carers are “affected people,” we still have a long road ahead of us.

TLDR: It is my view that family carers and family nominated carers are only covered under the Vaccinations Order if they are employed for the purposes of assisting the disabled person to work in the community. Have a read of my article to find out more. #KnoweldgeisPower#PowertothePeople