The head of the Chemnitz clinic in Germany committed suicide because of lies about Cv ‘vaccines.’

Dr. Thomas Jendges committed suicide by jumping from the roof of the hospital. In his suicide note, the doctor allegedly justified his move by saying that he could no longer tolerate “constant lies and cheating about supposedly harmless vaccinations” related to Covid.

Dr. Jendges wrote an impressive suicide letter, which he demanded to be published. In it, he is said to have sharply criticized the government’s information policy regarding the dangers of vaccinations against Covid-19. The doctor could no longer stand the constant lie that vaccinations were supposedly harmless. And he could no longer deceive patients.

In the note, Dr. Jendges strongly condemns the ‘vaccination’ of the population with the experimental and deadly Covid-19 ‘vaccine’, which is actually a biological warfare agent. In his opinion, this is genocide and a crime against humanity.

Since the mayor threatened him with dismissal if he did not comply and not refuse to ‘vaccinate’ the clinic’s patients, Dr. Thomas Jendges presumably had no other options. He did not want to condone any crimes committed by the federal government, the state government and their henchmen. The Doctor saw his suicide as the only way to send a signal against all this.

These are separate excerpts from the entire suicide note, which are now in circulation. Although Dr. Thomas Jendges ordered the publication of the suicide note in full, according to reports, the mayor of Chemnitz, Sven Schulze, continues to prevent this publication. Numerous groups have formed on various forums demanding that Schulze abandon his position and finally begin to respect the last wish of Jendges.

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