This will probably be the last one for this year.

There are lots of things to protest about apart from her jab mandates, unscrupulous fearmongering and petty silly restrictions, including —

  • The appalling failure on the housing crisis
  • The big increase in poverty and mental health deterioration
  • The big increase in crime and her support for criminals
  • Her huge transfer of wealth to favored establishment elites here and overseas billionaires
  • The massive increase in government bureaucracy and absurd regulations
  • The debt monster she and Robertson have created
  • Her Minister Mahuta’s ‘3 waters’ council assets grab
  • Her massive undermining of constitutional democracy
  • Her dishonesty and secrecy
  • Her bribing the mainstream media
  • Her attacks on freedom of speech and other human rights
  • Her introducing the U.N. Agenda 2030 by stealth