Not that it’s any surprise. From Louis Houlbrooke of the Taxpayers Union:

Back in 2018, Phil Twyford announced that the Government was partnering with an Australian charity to deliver laundry services, showering, and “conversations” for the homeless.

It sounded great, until someone pointed our researcher to their annual review, which details the services they actually delivered for the $437,500 in funding. It turns out taxpayers forked out $103 for every load of laundry or shower delivered by Orange Sky in 2019/20.

Obviously, not all of that money was spent on laundry and showers: Orange Sky paid a whopping $159,485 on management fees that year to its Australian parent organisation.

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Orange Sky weren’t too happy about our exposé. Their Brisbane-based Senior Marketing Manager e-mailed me with a long response, insisting that the “genuine, non-judgemental conversation” they provide is worth the taxpayer spend. When I didn’t reply within 24 hours, I got a call from their PR firm! You can find our exchange at the end of our blog post.

Here’s an idea: how about we strip down the Australian management fees, the ‘conversations’, and the marketing/PR spend and pay campgrounds to provide these services? It would be a fraction of the cost.