Krissy and Steve Oliver are the humble type who would not ask for financial help themselves. Money is not the main priority to them. They are family orientated and put their community above all.

Because they refuse to turn away ‘unvaccinated’ children and unvaccinated adults in their gym Worksafe are fining them $12,000 a day, for everyday they allow ‘unvaccinated’ people inside their building.

New Zealand is not a 2-tier society, our country is over 90% ‘vaccinated’, there is no reason why this family gym that has been running since the 70’s with NZ Olympian Don Oliver, should start discriminating against New Zealanders.

They refuse to segregate members and maintain are ready to take on the system to fight for our rights as kiwi’s to be able to go to a gym and train without being discriminated against because of our vaccination status.

We think they deserve the best legal team to help get the legal advise they need to fight the mandates being imposted on the health and fitness industry.

The time is now, will you be on the right side of history and fight the good fight?

Oliver MMA’s involvement (page creator)

We are a family run business, I am the receptionist and sister.

Use of funds

Proceeds will go towards the costs of a legal defense team. The funds aren’t to pay the fine – it is to hire legal representation to dispute the fine.

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