He even has the temerity to wear a white ribbon — in reality a vicious nasty man who caused violence against women.

A fuller description:

“The gathering was peaceful, good humoured… police dived in pulling up my arms and injuring me further ignoring my screams that they were hurting me- I was already at a 10 for pain (!) — unbelieveable — I was left on concrete on my hands and knees not able to breathe properly and in agony for about an hour before they called for an ambulance — the ambulance said they were there within 25 mins of the call — and you can see from this footage I was attacked [by the cops] around 1:30pm. I got to hospital around 3pm.

Photographs have been taken of my injuries and I will be pressing charges against the WPC concerned. I am still in HUGE pain not able to talk / breathe deeply without extreme pain and breaking down in tears at this violent assault by another woman, who, along with her colleague is supposed to UPHOLD THE PEACE.

A sad day for New Zealand indeed.

We started the day with peace and I know the Freedom Convoy Members that stood along side me will continue to bring peace into this situation.

Main stream media – your coverage has been appalling – and the whole of New Zealand is now getting to see, who your masters are. Thank goodness for Social Media – let’s keep getting the word out

Please do whatever you can to share what is happening in New Zealand – REMAIN PEACEFUL WITH LOVE IN YOUR HEARTS – you will see that LOVE WINS xxx

Another on-the-ground account:

“The police are doing shifts, the people are not. The protesters were standing peaceful and then the police barged. I watched the whole thing for 4 hours straight with a side on view. They pulled a woman by her hair and her dress came off in the process and they arrested her naked.

“I watched them pull a young girl right in front of the camera when she was just talking to her parent and then supposed to go back into the outer area. They barged right at the point out of the blue when there was NO violence at all and grabbed her and cut her neck.

“There is a woman who was just putting her phone away in her bag and they unexpectedly barged again and they grabbed her and dragged her by her feet and then pushed their elbow into her sternum and cracked it and now she is in hospital. The other people they arrested got let go and are back on parliament grounds.

“STOP LISTENING TO MAINSTREAM MEDIA!!! THEY ARE DECEIVING YOU. We know as soon as they are about to barge cause you can see across at the mainstream media filming from the balcony. They run back to their camera like they know something is about to happen then about 5 mins later they start to barge.”

Coster’s thugs wearing their bandit masks assault a 14-year-old boy. What was this brute trying to do? Kill him?
Coster’s local henchman, Wellington district commander Corrie Parnell. What orders did he give?