Ted Johnston Co-Leader, New Conservative:

The Wellington convoy protests, just like their Canadian counterparts, happen when the public have no effective legal recourse against a government that arrogantly ignores them and tramples on their rights and freedoms.

Only New Conservative stands up for NZers rights and freedoms.

But we need your help and support to get into parliament so you will have a voice and it will not be silenced. We can force changes on the govt and laws to make them listen to the people.

Join us today: http://newconservative.org.nz/join-us

Matt King, former National MP for Northland:

I’m pro-democracy, anti-mandate. I’m standing here with people who just want to be heard and for undemocratic mandates to end. For me, mandates are a line in the sand. (His address to the protest here)

Winston Peters (additional comments)

Trevor Mallard’s juvenile, undignified, and illegal behaviour by turning cold sprinklers on people, including children, and blasting loud music must be censored. Parliament is meant to be the people’s place. Mallard doesn’t get to decide who should have those fundamental rights and who doesn’t.

Chris Leitch, Social Credit Leader (additional comments)

Mahatma Ghandi used non-violent civil disobedience to oppose oppressive actions of the British government in India.

The time has come for New Zealanders to do the same to oppose the oppressive actions of our government.