Here is the latest police media release–

“Police continued to be concerned by the deteriorating environment at Parliament grounds and are urging people to stay away.

“Aggressive behaviour from protesters, extremely poor sanitary conditions, the confirmed presence of Covid-19, and the number of unwell people amongst the group all make for a an unsafe, and unpleasant environment for anyone thinking of joining the activity.

“Police have noted aggressive behaviour amongst protestors and towards Police. Increasingly, key protest group leaders are unable to control or influence the disparate groups within the protest.

“Last night, Police arrested a 35-year-old man and charged him with inciting violence. He is due to appear in the Wellington District Court next week.

“Police maintain that the protest site is not a suitable environment for families and children.

“We are urging people intent on attending the protest today or the coming week, to stay away, this is not a safe place.

“We do not want more people joining this environment and putting their health and safety at risk.

“Police will continue to have a highly visible presence in and around Parliament grounds to reassure local residents, businesses and people in the area today.

“Police estimate there are about 300 vehicles inside the cordoned area this morning.”

The police complaint about “poor sanitary conditions” is rich, given that Coster’s Obersturmführer Parnell tried to stop the trucks servicing the Portaloos from doing so.

But Coster and Parnell didn’t count on the support for protestors from plumbers and other tradies: the RNZ website states: “Protesters appear to have plumbed toilets into Wellington’s sewer system. A plywood structure next to portaloos at the junction of Molesworth and Hill streets has pipes that go below ground in the centre of the intersection. Protesters today have been putting up a similar small building nearby.”

We can likewise treat the rest of the police comments with a healthy dollop of skepticism.

One commentator says:
“Conditions on the ground in Wellington are safe. If they attempt to bring in Oranga Tamariki, I suspect government agencies supporting actions involving children will be met with fierce opposition on-site, but also by the NZ populace.
“They know our roots into parliament grounds are getting deeper and that more people are rotating in all the time. Conditions are actually improving, these people are making it impossible for police to stop the movement there.
“The government are freaked out, they are pretty much without options that make any sense to people watching this situation play out — NZ is very tuned in. If the government don’t engage protesters in meaningful dialogue, they are assholes. If they engage us in dialogue, they will lose the debate. If they get physical, they will be demonized by majority of Kiwis. A no-win situation for the government in my opinion.
“Even maintaining what has been done will eventually take down government, academia, NGOs & media.
“Our story is way too good to ignore and everyone loves a true story. If we grow we will speed up the dissolution of these silos of criminality and return the power back to the people.
“The Deep State’s next cards in NZ:
🎯 Accelerate the ‘super spreader’ narrative around the protest sites.
🎯 Use spreader narrative + other prior narratives like Children, Safety, Sanitation to justify emergency powers to remove protesters.
🎯 NGO activist networks attempt multiple false flag events to create narrative change.
🎯 The Government may attempt to reclassify the protest as insurrection and bring in military.”