A police helicopter has been criss-crossing the sky above Wellington in aid of the operation to clear protesters from the capital.

Reports on social media place the helicopter anywhere from Wainuiomata to the South Coast to the Miramar peninsula throughout the day, and into the evening.

Police confirmed the Eagle is in the sky, and had been for at least the past two days. They have not yet responded to questions about what it is doing, what technology it is using to observe events below, or how long it was expected to be up for.

A spokesperson said police “won’t be discussing specific operational tactics of our staff’s movements” and the helicopter “has been deployed to assist the ongoing operation”.

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It’s clear that the helicopter crew then inform TV1 and TV3 so they can show up and find locals who side with her regime to complain about them on camera (with their face nappies on, of course). How lovely for those who live with helicopter noise overhead. —Eds