by Chantelle Baker

Jacinda’s political police don’t seem interested in the crimewave we have now, only in her critics.

On Tuesday a memorial was held for those who have passed away or been ‘vax’ damaged at Civic Square in Wellington. It was a small, intimate affair and the injured had requested not to publicise it so they could maintain the integrity of the event.

Some police turned up as the coffin was being carried through the rows of chairs and they proceeded to photograph people’s faces for the entire event [as they always do, Stasi-style, at any event critical of the Jacinda regime —Eds].

Rachel tells her story here and the emotion she felt. The raw pain and hurt from how the 23 days ended is still clear, where people watched as family and friends traumatised.

There are more videos to come from the day but this wee bite sums it up.

A lot of admiration was given to National MP Chris Penk who accepted the petition put forward by Anna Hodgkinson.