They were suspended and slammed as ‘anti-vaxxers’ for expressing legitimate concern about the Pfizer substance and promoting medical choice

Dr. Matt Shelton​ and Taranaki District Health Board radiologist Dr. Peter Canaday were suspended by the Medical Council in 2021. They challenged their suspensions in a multi-day hearing in Wellington District Court in February this year.

Judge Stephen Harrop​ has released his decisions and has stated that the council’s decision to suspend was not a fair, reasonable or proportionate response to patient safety or public health. He has said the interim suspension decisions must be reversed.

Shelton’s lawyer, Matthew Clelland QC, told the judge that his client was not an ‘anti-vaxxer’. “These people are daring to express a view that is not consistent with the Medical Council”, said Clelland. Canaday’s lawyer, Adam Holloway​, had said he was debating data and sharing opinions—and there was no evidence of him telling people not to get vaccinated. “Canaday was not anti-vaccination”, he said. Both lawyers had called the Medical Council’s suspensions “draconian”.

Judge Harrop said the suspension of Peter Canaday was a very blunt instrument to stop him speaking out, and it had not stopped him at all. Harrop said in Shelton’s case, the complaints had been about what he was telling patients rather than public comments.


Opinion by Conserve NZ:

We consider it grossly unjust for Dr. Shelton and Dr. Canaday to have been suspended when they had perfectly sound and prudent stances, such as the known benefits of early treatment for coronaviruses, informed consent, the fundamental right to medical choice and the need for satisfactory trialing of vaccines before a “one-size-fits-all” nationwide rollout. These are the types of positions we should expect to hear from all New Zealand doctors.

We also agree with Matt Shelton’s positions that the vaccinating of children and pregnant and fertile women with an mRNA vaccine that has not undergone sufficient trials is inadvisable. We consider it needless, reckless and irresponsible. It is now a widely known fact that the Pfizer ‘vaccine’ does not adequately prevent contraction, transmission or sickness, and has proven already to cause many adverse reactions in people — even deaths.